Negative Pressure Socket

The Latest Medical Breakthrough in Prosthetics is Here!

Announcing the Negative Pressure Socket…used by US Marines serving in Iraq! The Most Technologically Advanced Innovation Yet for Amputees and Rinko Orthopedic Has It First!Steve Rinko, of Rinko Orthopedic, is the first prothetist Trained in the fitting and fabricating of this elevated vacuum system in New Jersey.

  • Residual limb has no pain because there is no motion between Residual limb and socket
  • Keeps pressure off bottom of residual limb
  • Increases blood flow and oxygenation of tissue
  • Decreases skin abrasions, blisters and friction
  • Permits evaporation of perspiration
  • More adaptable to weight gain/loss
  • Increases comfort and control. Lightweight. No moving parts.
  • Can be used with any socket configuration.
  • Gives Patient 3x the vacuum of normal vacuum system. Maximum vacuum at sea level…29mm hg of mercury. New System at sea level…27mm hg of mercury.

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