Quadrilateral Ischial Containment (Q.I.C) Socket



To create an above the knee prosthetic socket which allows the prosthetist the ability to control lateral lean, distal pressure, circumferential pressure and vacuum.


The quadrilateral socket design does not control lateral lean of above the knee prosthesis. However, it does offer the prosthetist the ability to control weight bearing on the distal end of the stump. It also allows for easy vacuum fits.

The ischial containment socket design controls lateral lean, but is is sometimes difficult to obtain vacuum fit. Many prosthetists have to use silicone liners to achieve vacuum. Patients find liners to be cumbersome and hard to don. Liners can introduce rotation into the patients’ gait pattern, especially if the stump is flabby.

Also, the ischial containment socket design makes it difficult to regulate distal pressure. Increasing circumferential pressure can cause patient discomfort, especially in the groin if distal end bearing and circumfertenial pressures are not balanced.


Designed to be used with vacuum or linear system, the ‘Q.I.C.” is the most comfortable, versatile socket in use today.

Rinko Orthopedic has created a new design called the Quadrilateral Ischial Containment Socket that incorporates both the quadrilateral socket and ischial containment socket designs.

Two hundred (200) above the knee patients have been successfully fitted with the Q.I.C. Socket with .05% rejections.

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